Dev Blog #6


Greetings, I’m Nirnll, the Community Manager for Gameloaded Entertainment. Welcome to the 6th Development blog. It’s been a while, hasn’t it? A lot has happened since the last development blog, most notably the launch of Operation Resurgence, which set upon overhauling key features and the look & feel of the game. Moving forward, we have a lot of big changes we want to announce, to not only achieve our vision for BRM5, but to also become better connected with the community. 

This year we are dedicated to bringing out more surveys that can help us retrieve user feedback as well as allow us to get to know the community better. Just last month, we opened a survey in which members were able to share valuable feedback and data to our team that has allowed us to gain insights to what to focus on for the game. Thus, expect more of these types of surveys to be put out in the future, and I encourage you to get involved if you would like to influence the development of BRM5. Furthermore, we will be focusing on engaging with the community more through our social media with sneak-peaks, polls, and promotion of community generated content, so we can ultimately be more transparent with BRM’s development.


Welcoming new developers

Since the launch of Operation Resurgence, the BRM5 team has grown larger with new developers who we are excited to formally introduce to the community. Each of these developers are extremely talented and have worked hard to bring out the community's favourite content and features. So, in no particular order:



I’m Aurora. I’ve been working as an environment artist with GameLoaded for a little over a year now, making maps like the Favela and Office. More recently I’m working on the openworld map- revamping and optimizing locations like Ronograd City & the Airbase FOB.


I’m Max. I’m a new addition to the GameLoaded Entertainment team and I am so fortunate to be working with such talented individuals. I’m a Composer and Sound Designer and I’ve been working on the game for around four months now bringing you ALL new gun sounds, vehicle sounds, and new music. Many different things are getting a much-needed rework in the sound department. My job is to make the game as immersive as possible for everyone.



I’m Nikalas, a firearms, attachments, and vehicles 3D Artist. I’ve been working with GameLoaded for close to four months, first focusing on remaking previous ground vehicles and adding new variant additions to them, to making new firearms.



My name is Morgan and I’ve been working with GLE as a storywriter and game designer for the past four months. I’m responsible for creating the literature and graphics that adorn items in the customization menu. Down the line, I will also be overseeing the design of various up-and-coming game modes and mechanics.


Content Updates from all developers


Hello. While the entire rework may have seemed pointless on the surface, the update provided key backend changes which helped boost performance while maintaining most of the detail expected in BRM5. Furthermore, these changes have made updating the game much more streamlined and less of a headache for myself. I plan to release a technical blog post about the challenges faced in the reprogramming of BRM5 next month.

Moving on to the cool stuff, one of the major features that was absent in the launch of Resurgence was the securable objectives in Openworld. While many people miss this method of progression, I can assure you that it is being replaced with a much more dynamic and enjoyable system that myself and kitgat hope to have ready by mid-late February. We’ll release more information about this as we get closer to the update.

In the meantime, I’m currently working with the rest of the team to help polish Resurgence and provide more world-building detail in PvE. To conclude my section, here’s some miscellaneous things I want to address:

·         Skydiving will come back in our next patch.

·         We will do a community poll regarding the reimplementation of the downed/revive system.

·         Faces are not a priority despite my initial announcement after launch. We do plan on changing them, but we don’t want to just revert them, a middle ground that doesn’t look cartoonish but still looks unique to BRM5 is what we’re aiming for.



Being an open world tactical shooter, we have always aimed to make BRM5 a world that feels huge, realistic and immersive. Although the new lighting has slightly changed how the maps looked, rest be assured that this is temporary, and the art team will be adjusting the visuals in Ronograd as well as some PvP maps to make the maps feel realistic.

Building on top of the upcoming dynamic progression system that Gnar has discussed, we have also planned many weapons and skins that you will also be able to obtain exclusively through this method. These rewards may reintroduce past raid mode items such as the C7A2 and AUG A1, but we are also planning to include unique camos for weapon attachments, allowing you to complete a tacticool loadout to stand out in the crowd.



In coming months, expect some new additions to the gunsmith to include several iconic firearms. Among these are a number of community-suggested firearms such as the SVD and Five-seveN. These weapons will be complemented by a suite of attachments, which we hope will encourage players to explore new roles and playstyles.

In addition to firearms, you'll be happy to know that some new vehicles will be joining BRM5's lineup. Be prepared to diversify your armories with a whole host of internationally fielded vehicles, ranging from light attack vehicles to armored personnel carriers.



With the return of the Sea Stallion, I am excited to finally be able to expand the gear selection for players with more non-Western options. I’ve been looking into a number of Russian helicopters such as the Mil Mi-17 & Kamov Ka-60. In addition, I’ve considered some more vest and pouch options to allow players to create more unique gear loadouts. Player customization and expression is a large part of what makes BRM5 special, and I wish to expand on that as much as possible using unique gear.



We are happy to announce that a real-time game editor (RGE) is in the workings for organized player groups and community factions. For those unfamiliar, the RGE refers to a mechanic that allows one to assume the role of a game master capable of placing and manipulating objects in the game world. We are very excited to bring this feature to fruition and believe it will greatly enhance the dynamics of large-scale gameplay.

Furthermore, the RGE will be available to all paid private servers upon implementation.

While open world gameplay has remained a core focus of BRM5, we are inclined to expand the selection of game modes. These modes will showcase game mechanics and offer more unique ways to play. We intend to give back to the best parts of our community, and our most recent survey has provided crucial data in deciding what direction to go in.

Of course, to pave the way for such ambitious additions to the game, BRM5’s existing content must be properly polished and balanced. We hope to promote fair play and acknowledge that several weapons are due for rebalancing. Over the next few weeks, each firearm will have its performance examined and tweaked accordingly to fill its intended niche.



Audio is one of the most immersive aspects of BRM5 and will be receiving some well-deserved treatment. We will be introducing a rework to the overall ambiance that will change the way environmental sounds are heard in-game. A library of revamped and remastered sounds will accompany this upgraded sound system. We aim to deliver a no-compromise experience that fully immerses players in our game. Many exciting changes are right around the corner, and I’m excited for everyone to listen in.

Wrapping Up


Thank you to everyone who has stuck with BRM5 through this major game transition. Continued support is what makes us want to keep improving and making the game better and better. Enjoy your day.


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