Dev Blog #5

Hello! With 2020 wrapping up, it’s time to announce what we have planned for 2021.

We have always envisioned BRM5 to be a tactical shooter game with in-depth customization for both weapons and gear. However, our gunsmith framework has become outdated since it’s introduction in October 2019. That’s why our first focus of 2021 is to complete a weapon overhaul. See below:

Weapon Overhaul

One of the biggest features we’re excited to announce is the ability to put multiple rail attachments on one gun. These attachments will then be linked with dynamically generated wires connecting them to a pressure pad or click switch. Other new features include sliding attachments anywhere along the rail, adjusting the stock length, putting camo on individual attachments and much more. This update will also come with a complete sound redesign and an animation overhaul for all weapons in order to bring a better gunplay experience. To accompany these changes, we are also focusing on new stat balances for all weapons to ensure each weapon has its own advantages and disadvantages while maintaining it's own unique characteristics.

This is a massive feature that we aim to have out by the end of Feb 2021/start of March 2021.


Since the launch of BRM5, PvP has grown to become an integral part of the community, bringing more competitive and fast-paced gameplay alongside the classic PvE mode. Therefore, we are happy to announce the following plans:

10v10 will be released with part 3 of the Christmas update, enabling larger PvP matches that emphasize teamwork. We also aim to get 25v25 out late January 2021, which will introduce large scale combat into BRM5. We will release more details as we get further into its development.

(As a side note, I’m aware how buggy matchmaking currently is. 10v10 and 25v25 will not use matchmaking and will instead just place you in an active match. Matchmaking will be redone sometime mid-2021.)

For those who enjoy the current PvP, don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten about 2v2 and 5v5. Here’s a peak at a new office map created by Gravity_Defier (Known for “New Dawn” raid mode map and the “Favela” PvP map currently in rotation).

New Weapons and Vehicles

New weapons and vehicles are one of the most commonly suggested items on our discord, and we have been listening. With many highly suggested weapons such as the FN Fal, Aug and M9 being implemented this year, we are now able to prepare new weapons to be implemented. For early next year, you can expect weapons such as the SVD Dragunov, HK416, Beretta 93R and the FAMAS (There are more planned, but it is a surprise).

However, new vehicles are unfortunately still far away from being implemented, as we are still currently reworking the Sea stallion and all the ground vehicles in game. We are aiming to complete this full rework sometime in 2021, and hopefully then new vehicles from a variety of different nations will start making its way into the game.

Mass Optimization

One of our big goals for 2021 is to introduce BRM onto XBOX. This will require optimization and playtesting to ensure the game can run on lower spec machines and consoles. Throughout January, the game will be receiving many minor adjustments that will add up to improve the games overall performance, including optimizations of PvP maps and LOD for weapons.

Wrapping Up 2020

It has been a wild year for BRM5, with the release of two major operations, Operation Nightfall and Viper which has brought loads of new features and content that has set the groundwork for 2021. There are still lots of exciting features such as vehicle customization and “London” raid mode mission (coming 2021) that we haven’t talked about yet, but we’ll release another blog for that as we get closer to it. Thanks for sticking with us through this journey, we’ll see you in 2021.

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