Dev Blog #3

Welcome to the third dev blog for the next operation, which is set to launch in late July 2020. Although we have been quiet since our last Dev Blog a month ago, we have been hard at work developing new content and features in preparation for the next operation. So we are now pleased to give you guys a progress update on the main highlights of some of the things we’ve been working on in the past month.

Enemy Stronghold/Fortress (North Island)

Lead Artist and Map Designer, PandaWithNoName, has been well at work with planning and creating the enemy stronghold that will be located on the North Island. For those who are curious, this base used to belong to Russian forces who previously occupied the island. After an invasion by the PoD, the base was captured and with their many resources, the base was fortified with additional defences. Unlike all other outposts, the enemies will be showing no mercy when defending the outpost from players. Do not expect to come out alive even when attacking with a well-coordinated and large team of operators. 

PvP and Raid Mode maps

Last week, PLATINUM FIVE hired six new map designers to help with the development of new PvP and raid mode maps for the next operation. These are all talented builders who are well suited for creating maps in a style that matches current maps. These designers are:

  • Gravity_Defier

  • LuciferVonhart

  • TheDreamDealer

  • azeroguee

  • handsomemarcus13579

  • pickachue33

New Weapons

For the next operation, there will be a set of new weapons ready to roll out for players to obtain both in the shop and as raid mode rewards. Some of these reward weapons are composed of niche and signature variants of well-known rifles, for example, certain AK’s and Steyr Augs. Nonetheless, these weapons will still compete very well in both PvE and PvP modes and will allow players to stand out from their rarity and uniqueness in the game. Listed below are reward weapons that are planned for the next operation. 

  • Steyr Aug variants

  • Classic AK variants

  • MP5SD

  • Canadian Assault Rifle variants

Character Improvements

While character improvements may not seem that important compared to raid mode and big enemy fortress, it is still the very core of the game and requires some polish every so often. Sadly, a lot of the things I’ve worked on can’t be shown off that well but I’ve listed below some things I did:

  • Rewrote the footstep system from scratch to reduce network traffic as well as fix the bug of incorrectly looping footsteps when stationary.

  • Rewrote the Inverse Kinematic rigs to perform better as well as to only affect the local character.

  • Implemented new crouch animations, no longer are you squatting every time you press C. Characters now put their right leg forward and left leg down.

  • When downed, the camera is now at the level of your head as rather than floating in the air when in first person.

  • Did a tonne of micro-optimizations: cleaning up code that no longer served a purpose or that could be improved to perform better.

First person has also been made a lot nicer. In collaboration with viscosity_b3d, I’m happy to show off the new first person arms. Each uniform will correctly display a matching set of first person clothing. You should also thank LOLGuy2587 for the awesome animations he’s doing for these.

On a final note, just because we haven’t mentioned a feature does not mean we are not planning to add it. We are very specific with what we show off and when. By keeping some things on the down-low, it can make the final product a surprise. 

This wraps up Dev Blog #3, thank you for your patience while we work to push out the next operation.

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