Dev Blog #2

With development for the next operation well underway, many of the new features are nearing their final form before release. One such feature is the new radial TAB menu.

This new menu replaces the current "MEDICAL" menu that pops up when pressing TAB. The new wheel contains three separate sections: medical (bottom), gestures (right) and squad (left). The new TAB menu is hold sensitive meaning that when you push down on TAB it opens and when you release it closes. This may seem tedious but it grows on you fast. 

Squad Menu

The brand new squad menu features a range of nifty functions to improve gameplay with friends and random players in public servers.

Squad Selection

Along the top left are five colours. Clicking on a colour will assign you to that squad. Anyone else in that squad can now see your location from anywhere on the map and vice-versa. Yes, that means that anyone on the server can join your squad. This may deter some people from this feature but it should be noted that a player being on your squad does not inherently mean they can ruin your experience.
(Clicking on the squad you're already in will cause you to be removed from that squad)

Squad Features

Another important feature, other than now being able to see where your teammates are, is the ability to mark flares. Simply throw down a flare like you normally would and select what you want to mark the flare as in the second row of the squad menu. This will cause an icon to appear on the base of your flare to anyone on your squad. Once the flare burns out, the icon disappears.

Gestures Menu

The new gestures menu features a range of new emotes and gestures you can use in game for both RP and improved coordination with team members. 
All these gestures are subject to change on final release.

Stances (Row 1)

  1. Arms Crossed
  2. At Ease
  3. Salute

Gestures (Row 2)

  1. Halt
  2. Forward
  3. Regroup

Poses (Row 3)

  1. Lying Down
  2. Crossed Leg Sit
  3. Hands On Belt

Medical Menu

No gameplay changes, just visually different. Everything functions the same (though the menu no longer closes every time you use a bandage now).

That's it for this blog post, thanks for checking in!


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