Dev Blog #1

The next operation is set to launch late-July 2020. We've been hard at work getting ready for the next Operation. Today we're confident to give some more detail of what you can expect to see soon in BRM 5.

Roadmap for the next operation:

  • PvE
    • North Island Revamp
    • Quarry Improvements
    • New Raid Location
    • Advanced Enemy AI Combat
    • Friendly NPC Shop and Bartering System
    • Gestures and Emotes
  • PvP
    • Three New PvP Maps
    • Ranked Mode
    • Improved Movement Control in CQB
  • Raid Mode
    • 5 Unique Story Missions

The following is a detailed list going into each point on the Roadmap. If you do not want anything spoiled, stop reading here. 

North Island Revamp:

Since the introduction of the new map in Operation Daybreak, the North Island has remained an empty plot of terrain with nothing for players to explore.

With the release of the next operation, the North Island will be home to the enemy's FOB. The Hornet's Nest if you will.

Rumor has it that it snows a bit up there as well.

Vehicle Model Revamps (viscosity_b3d):

The old models used in BRM are not up-to the standard we would prefer. As such, we've slowly started to re-do all the vehicles in the game to make them both more optimized as well as make them significantly better looking. 

These vehicles would look more recognizable while also being enjoyable to ride in. They have significantly more detail as well as functional parts. The cockpits will have functioning screens to aid the player in flying. 

Many people had complained that the interior of the A-10 was completely unusable, thus with these new models players can exclusively fly in first person for a more hardcore experience.

Raid Mode:

What the heck is raid mode? I hear you ask.
Raid Mode is still in early development. All you need to know is it will be a 5 player co-op mode with ~5 15-30 minute missions you can play through.

Each mission is set in a different part of the world and will feature mission specific gear, uniforms and objectives.

Raid Mode will help give lore details about everything outside Ronograd.

Advanced Enemy AI Combat:

The introduction of Sniper and RPG enemies definitely gave combat a new refreshing feel but it's still missing a lot. The next operation will introduce another two enemy types as well as improvements to the current enemy types (voice lines, ability to throw flash grenades, better duck and roll mechanics, etc.)

Another important improvement being worked on is better pathing for the current outposts. Areas like Quarry and DoU suffer from boring enemy placement which results in very bland gameplay. However, all the paths for enemies at these location are being redone to ensure that raiding feels more unpredictable and difficult.

Other forms of enemy contact including random enemy convoys and ambushes have been planned but implementation into the next operation is not confirmed.

Friendly NPC Shop and Bartering System:

Imagine if you could use all that money you've earned to give back to the people of the island- and maybe gain some reputation in the process.

The S&BS is still in early planning phase but will be a core feature of this Operation. In short: You'll be able to talk to NPCs located at cities around the map. Some of these NPCs will tell you their story, giving you a better idea of the game's lore, while others will offer you items in exchange for money (water melons, medical equipment, special clothes/uniforms and more). Purchasing and delivering food and other supplies will gain you reputation. The more reputation you have, the more NPCs you'll be able to talk to, the more special items you get, and so on.

Gestures and Emotes:

Besides the return of the old idle poses, new tactical gestures for clearing buildings will be added. Idle poses for sitting, talking, sleeping and weapon inspecting will also be added. These will all be accessed in a new radial TAB menu (that will also be home to the new medical menu).

Quarry Improvements:

Besides visual upgrades and better AI pathing, the Quarry Overhaul will include some very interesting mines that you'll be able to enter and explore. You might want to pack a flashlight.


Three new maps. Ranked mode. Tab for leader board. Fixes for seeing gear through vegetation. Fixes to glitch spots. Matchmaking improvements. Smoother movement. That's all there is.

New Raid Location:

Okay, this ones a secret. For now.

VIP Servers:

We plan to give VIP server owners the ability to kick, ban and enable friendly fire.
A new infection mode will also be available sometime post launch. 

That's all there is about the update! Below is just some information about how we're working as a studio, read if you're interested. Otherwise, look forward to the update.

Many of the developers at GameLoaded Entertainment (myself included) are also students, some of us studying full-time at a University. We make games for fun and because we like to. For that exact reason, we work on BRM when we can and are also not afraid to delay updates if we feel something is not up to standard.

Thanks for sticking around :)

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